Penn Undergraduate Chemistry Society (PUCS)


What is the Penn Undergraduate Chemistry Society (PUCS)?

- A relatively informal group of chemistry students who help organize and run several chemistry-related events throughout each semester.


- It's a way to connect to other students with similar interests on campus and it's a great way to help other students, while spreading interest in chemistry.


- Past PUCS events include poster/research information sessions for those interested in getting involved in research, making liquid nitrogen ice cream at activities and majors fairs, study parties for chemistry classes during reading days, and outreach events at local elementary schools.

How can I get involved?

- PUCS holds meetings during the semester that anyone is welcome to attend. By signing up you will have access to our PUCS email list, providing details on all upcoming activities/engagements. We are always looking for new members to help out at our events.

Is PUCS just for Chem majors?

- While most members of PUCS tend to be Chemistry and/or Biochemistry majors, it is certainly not a membership requirement; nor is it a requirement to be doing research in chemistry. Anyone with an interest in chemistry can join.

If you are interested in joining the club and getting notifications, please sign up using the google form linked below :