General Chemistry Equivalency Exam Information and Registration

Chemistry Equivalency Exam Schedules and Online Registration

The next opportunity to take the Chemistry Equivalency Exams will be during the week of New Student Orientation (NSO).  The exact dates/times will be posted below closer to August.  Please register for the exam here beginning June 1.  

Please note: If you have already taken an equivalency exam and did not pass you may NOT retake the exam.

For additional exam registration inquiries, please contact Candice Adams in the undergraduate office at


Preparing for the Chemistry Equivalency Exam

These exams will cover material from CHEM 1012: General Chemistry I and CHEM 1022: General Chemistry II at the same level of difficulty as presented at Penn.

The exam questions will range from concept-oriented to problems requiring a specific numerical solution. 

We do not offer old exams or sample problems. To prepare for the exams you should review material from the following text:

 Zumdahl: Chemical Principles - 8th Edition

General Chemistry I: Chapters 1 through 5, 12, 13, 14, 16.
General Chemistry II: Chapters 6 through 11, and 15.

Exam Registration

General Chemistry I Exam:

Date:  TBD

Duration: 2 hrs

Location: TBD


General Chemistry II Exam:

Date:  TBD

Duration:  2 hrs.

Location: TBD


Registration closes August 22 at 11:59pm


Please arrive ~15 minutes before the start of the exams

You MUST bring your valid Penn ID to be admitted to the exam.

The equivalency exams will be administered in-person.  Please bring a non-internet enabled calculator, and bring a pen / pencil.  A simple scientific calculator (<$10) will suffice. It should do both base 10 and base e logs, scientific notation, and basic math functions. Graphing calculators are also fine. The only restriction is that your calculator must be a non-internet enabled device, i.e., cell phones. 

The exam will be closed notes/closed book.  Any pertinent information (constants, data, etc.) necessary to answer a given question will be provided at the time of the exam.

For exam inquiries, please contact Candice Adams in the undergraduate office at