Credit Away

If you currently are a student at the University of Pennsylvania and want to take courses at a different institution over the summer or during the semester, this is treated as Credit Away. The Chemistry Department has very specific rules regarding Credit Away. Note that applications for Credit Away must be approved by the Chemistry Department before you take the class to ensure that the class will meet requirements.

Permission to take credit away will not be granted until all of the following is available or completed:

  • Permission to take credit away will not be granted until a Credit Away application is submitted through the XCAT system via Path@Penn. Once the application is evaluated, you will receive notice via E-Mail. At the end of the course a transcript must be submitted to your home school.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Please upload supporting documents in XCAT in PDF file format.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be returned.
  • Credit Away will not be allowed for those students whose residence is within commuting distance from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Unless there are extraordinary, documented circumstances, credit away will only be given for First Year Chemistry and its laboratories. Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and other upper-level courses will generally not be approved for Credit Away. No more than two course units of lecture courses and only one unit of laboratory can be taken as credit away. Transfer credits are counted towards this limitation on credit away.
  • Only peer institutions will be considered for credit away, a community or junior college will not be approved. 
  • Students will be advised that credit away will not be accepted unless a minimum grade of B- is obtained, except with permission in advance from the Undergraduate Chair.
  • Grades of F, I or W may not be made up as credit away.

Questions? Please call 215-898-8311 or email