How to Submatriculate in Chemistry

The Process

Undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry are welcome to apply to the submatriculation Master's program in Chemistry. The completed application, letters of recommendation, and submatriculation form should be submitted to the graduate office by the end of Fall semester your Junior year. You can apply online between October 1st and December 1st.

  1. Obtain the electronic Submatriculation Form and see the Undergraduate Chair in Chemistry or Biochemistry to discuss possible coursework. The Undergraduate Chair should electronically sign the Submatriculation Form if double-counted courses are to be used in the major. *More information on required signatures in Step 3.
  2. Fill out a Graduate Application online and pay the $90 application fee. Required sections on the online application: Personal Information, Program Information, Undergraduate College/University, Additional Information, and a brief Personal Statement. Upload an unofficial transcript, resume, and if you wish, writing samples/research papers. Have three of your professors write recommendation letters for you using the links on the online application or by sending letters directly to the Chemistry Graduate Coordinator at At least one of the letters of recommendation must be from a faculty member in the Chemistry Graduate Group.
  3. Send your Submatriculation Form to an Assistant Dean for Advising (College Advising Office). Have your Chemistry Research Advisor electronically sign it, and email the form to the Chemistry Graduate Coordinator ( The Chemistry Graduate Coordinator will obtain the Graduate Group Chair's signature and turn in the form to the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences.
  4. IMPORTANT:  If you substitute a graduate course for one that you filled out on the Submatriculation form, YOU MUST fill out a new form and repeat the process, giving the Graduate Coordinator the updated copy. If courses are not showing up on your graduate transcript, you need to make sure the form you filled out is up to date.
  5. Register to graduate with the Master's degree online in the first academic month of the semester you plan to graduate. You will receive directions on how to write your thesis and other requirements. You will not be giving the Graduate School a copy of your thesis, contrary to what the directions tell you.
Requirements for the Master's Degree in Chemistry

You need to do the following:

  • Obtain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 in your major field    

  • Take 6 credit units of graduate level courses and receive grades of "B" or better in each of them. Courses must be pre-approved by an Undergraduate Chair in Chemistry or Biochemistry.


  • Take two c.u.'s of Chem 999 with your Research Advisor and receive grades of "B" or better
  • Write a thesis. Consult the Master's Style Guidebook for information on how to format your thesis, however disregard information about submitting your thesis to the Graduate Division. The Graduate Coordinator in Chemistry will handle submitting proper forms to the Graduate Division and a copy of your thesis to the library.
  • Your Thesis Committee consists of two members, the Chairman (your Research Advisor) and a reader. You should consult your Research Advisor as to which of our Chemistry Professors you should ask to sit on your committee as a reader. Your defense may consist of several rounds of edits and questions from your research advisor and reader. When you submit drafts to your Chairman and reader, give the Chem Grad office a copy of your cover page and and pick up forms that your thesis Committee will sign. Return the signed forms to the Chem Grad office and submit a copy of your signed cover sheet. This cover sheet must be signed by your Research Advisor and your Committee member. The Graduate Coordinator will obtain the Graduate Group Chairperson's signature
  • You will give one unbound copy of your thesis to the Graduate Office (Room 130, Chemistry Building).  Your thesis will be sent to the Library for binding and cataloging


For general questions regarding Submatriculation, contact the Chemistry Graduate Coordinator at