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Title: Cyclophane-Supported...

Precise Engineering of Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Electronics
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Ben Partridge of the Percec group has been awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute International...

David Chenoweth and his research group were featured in Chemical & Engineering News for...

Elsevier has announced that John Tellis of the Molander Group is one of just three winners of...

Stephanie Barros  of the Chenoweth Group is one of 10 recipients nationally of the Eli...

Research Highlight


Despite their ubiquity in consumer electronics, rare-earth metals are, as their name suggests, hard to come by. Mining and purifying them is an expensive, labor-intensive and ecologically devastating process.


Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have now pioneered a process that could enable the efficient recycling of two of these metals, neodymium and dysprosium. These elements comprise the small, powerful magnets that are found in many high-tech devices.The research was lead by Eric J. Schelter, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry in Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences, and graduate student Justin Bogart. Connor A. Lippincott, an undergraduate student in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research, and Patrick J. Carroll, director of the University of Pennsylvania X-Ray Crystallography Facility, also contributed to the study.


Get the full story from Evan Lerner here. The paper is available here.




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