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Penn Chemistry is composed of a dynamic community of researchers creating and disseminating new knowledge at the forefront of the chemical sciences. As an enabling science, chemistry is at the focal point of every important modern societal challenge. Our faculty and students engage these challenges daily on a local, national, and international scale.


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Proton-coupled electron transfer in organic synthesis.

Title Coordination Chemistry of +3 Actinides



Plasmon Coupling between Colloidal Nanoparticles: From Fundamentals to Applications



Abraham Nitzan, the Donner Professor of Physical Sciences, has been awarded the 2017-18 Joseph O...

Chemistry Professor Jeffrey Winkler has been named as an Affiliate Member of the Wistar...

Jennifer Matsui, a fourth-year student in Prof. Gary Molander's research group has been selected...

Megan Matthews has officially joined the Department as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry....

Research Highlight

A new paper in the journal Cancer Discovery co-authored by Chemistry Professor Jeffrey Winkler and his group is shedding light on new pathways for fighting cancer. The multidisciplinary effort is helping to identify a way to target an enzyme that is crucial to tumor growth while also blocking the mechanism that has made past attempts to target that enzyme resistant to treatment. Read the full coverage by John Infanti here.



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