Past Events

Organic Chemistry Seminar, Dr. Mark Levin, UChicago

"The Single-Atom Logic for Skeletal Editing"
Apr 10, 2024 at -

Research  The Levin group is focused on the discovery, development, and mechanistic study of innovative chemical reactions. Synthetic chemistry has delivered world-changing molecules by employing a common…

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar, Dr. Jose Goicoechea, IU

"The cyaphide Ion: A New Building Block for Chemical Synthesis"
Apr 9, 2024 at -

Research  Goicoechea leads a dynamic research group focused on the design and synthesis of novel compounds based on environmentally abundant main-group elements (e.g. aluminium, silicon, phosphorus). This work ranges…

PUCS and CURF Seminar: Dr. Andrew Santiago-Frangos

Communicating Research
Apr 5, 2024 at -

Join the PUCS and CURF for the “Communicating Research” event with Dr. Andrew Santiago-Frangos.   About Dr. Andrew Santiago-Frangos:  Dr. Santiago-Frangos has investigated how bacteria regulate their antiphage CRISPR…

Biological Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Laura Sanchez

Mass Spectrometry Applications for Studying Ovarian Cancer
Apr 3, 2024 at -

In nature, small molecules are often produced by macro- and microorganisms in order to facilitate communication and drive biological processes to the benefit (or detriment) of the community as a whole. Chemical…

Special Seminar: Dr. Xiaoji Xu (Lehigh University)

'Multimodal Spectroscopy and Microscopy without Abbe’s Diffraction Limit'
Mar 28, 2024 at -

Dr. Xiaoji Xu Lehigh University   Thursday, March 28th  12:00 PM Carolyn Hoff Lynch Lecture Hall Chemistry Complex 231 South 34th Street   Multimodal Spectroscopy and Microscopy without Abbe’s Diffraction Limit