Welcome from the Chair

Penn Chemistry provides an open, safe, and engaging environment in which we hope everyone will feel welcome and respected. We are a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students, and our strength derives from our mutual support. Our department is committed to the code of mutual respect, inclusion, and cooperation. The 12 principles of the code are:

  • Treat everyone equally and with respect
  • Be courteous
  • Be ready to communicate
  • Encourage others and share your expertise
  • Give and accept constructive criticism
  • Be receptive to change
  • Be a team player
  • Get involved
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be honest and accept responsibility
  • Recognize other people’s priorities
  • Strive to do your best

Please visit the homepage of our Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to see how we are working to make Penn Chemistry an even more welcoming place to learn, discover, and contribute to society.

– Tom Mallouk

Penn Chemistry Diversity Groups
Penn Chemistry Anonymous Reporting Form

We want to hear from you.

Anyone in the Penn Chemistry community is invited to share with us any concerns or experiences that Department leadership should know about. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us as well.

The form is anonymous if you choose. Please note that while we seek to maintain confidentiality, depending on the severity of the incident, we may be required by law to report it for your safety and that of others.