The Chemistry Minor

To apply for a Chemistry Minor, please e-mail Candice Adams ( in the Chemistry Undergraduate Office or call at 215-898-8311.  Please apply after you have either completed or registered for all courses needed to fulfill the Chemistry Minor.  A minor declaration form is not required.

Guidelines for the Chemistry Minor:

Introductory Chemistry: (3cu)

  • Chemistry 101 (or 001 or 115) General Chemistry
  • Chemistry 102 (or 116) General Chemistry II and
  • Chemistry 053 AND 054 General Chemistry Laboratory

Upper Division: (4cu)

Any four upper level chemistry courses (200 and above). One of the four MUST be a formal lab course (Chem 223, 245 or 246; Chem 299 and 399 excluded).

Examples of qualifying 200 and above courses:

  • Chemistry 221, 222 Physical Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 241, 242, 243 Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 251 Principles of Biological Chemistry
  • Chemistry 261 Inorganic Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 462 Inorganic Chemistry II
  • Chemistry 525 Molecular Spectroscopy


Any combination of the above mentioned introductory and qualifying upper level chemistry courses (6 c.u.)

PLUS … At least one  of the following lab courses:  (Chem299 and Chem399 can not be used to meet this requirement)

  • Chemistry 223 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Chemistry 245 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Chemistry 246 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

The typical pre-health student who takes Chem 101,102, 053, 054, 241, 242, and 245 need only take one (1) additional chemistry course 200 or higher to complete the minor.

For courses to count towards the minor, you MUST receive a grade of C or better.


Note: Substitutions with courses from other departments are NOT permitted (e.g. Chem251 can not be replaced with Bio402).