The Chemistry Minor

To make a request to apply for a Chemistry Minor, please log-in to Path@Penn, select Path forms, then choose "Declare/Update Field of Study".  If you have any questions please e-mail Candice Adams, Chemistry Undergraduate Coordinator at  

Guidelines for the Chemistry Minor:

Introductory Chemistry: (3 c.u.)

  • CHEM 1011: Introduction to General Chemistry I, CHEM 1012: General Chemistry I, or CHEM 1151: Honors Chemistry I (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 1021: Introduction to General Chemistry II, CHEM 1022: General Chemistry II, or CHEM 1161: Honors Chemistry II (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 1101: General Chemistry Lab I (0.5 c.u.) AND CHEM 1102: General Chemistry Lab II (0.5 c.u.)

Upper Division: (4 c.u.)

Any combination of upper level chemistry courses (2000 and above). One of the courses MUST be a formal lab course.

Examples of qualifying 2000 and above courses (please see course catalog for full list):

  • CHEM 2210, 2220 Physical Chemistry I & II (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 2410, 2420 Principles of Organic Chemistry I & II (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 2411, 2421 Principles of Organic Chemistry I & II w/ Lab* (1.5 c.u.)
  • CHEM 2510 Principles of Biological Chemistry (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 2610 Inorganic Chemistry I (1 c.u.)
  • CHEM 5620 Inorganic Chemistry II (1 c.u.)


Any combination of the above mentioned introductory and qualifying upper level chemistry courses (6 c.u.)

PLUS … one of the following lab courses:  (CHEM 2999 and CHEM 3999 cannot be used to meet this requirement)

  • CHEM 2411 Organic Chemistry I w/ Laboratory  (1.5 c.u.), plus CHEM 2421 Organic Chemistry II w/ Laboratory (1.5 c.u.), formerly CHEM 244 + CHEM 249- lab only (0.5 c.u. ea.)
  • CHEM 2230 Experimental Physical Chemistry I (1 c.u.)

For courses to count towards the minor, you MUST receive a grade of "C" or better.

*Organic Chemistry Lab is not offered as a stand alone course in the College.  Therefore, you must take CHEM 2411 and CHEM 2421 if you intend to take organic chemistry lab toward the minor.

Note: Substitutions with courses from other departments are NOT permitted (e.g., CHEM 2510 cannot be replaced with BIO 2810).