Trustees Council for Penn Women Lecture

The The Trustees’ Council of Penn Women (TCPW) is a distinguished alumnae group addressing women's issues on campus. TCPW has funded over $500,000 to organizations and individuals through their established programs including the Fund to Encourage Women (FEW) Grant. The FEW Grant was established to bring to campus internationally renowned female scholars to lecture and meet with faculty and students. The FEW recipients not only lecture but also serve as role models for female students during the day or two that they are on campus. 


The Trustees’ Council of Penn Women Lecture Series at the University of Pennsylvania is part of an ongoing program sponsored by a Fund to Encourage Women (FEW) Grant and the Department of Chemistry of the School of Arts and Sciences.


Past Lecturers:


1993-1994: Isabella L. Karle – Naval Research Laboratory


1995-1996: Marye Anne Fox – University of Texas, Austin


1996-1997: Jacqueline Barton – California Institute of Technology


1998-1999: Ruth R. Wexler – DuPont Pharmaceuticals


2001-2002: Cynthia Maryanoff – R.W. Johnson Pharmaceuticals


2002-2003: Joanne Stubbe – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2004-2005: Susan Solomon – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


2005-2006: Laura Kiessling – University of Wisconsin, Madison


2006-2007: Madeleine Jacobs – American Chemical Society


2007-2008: Naomi J. Halas – Rice University


2008-2009: Catherine T. Hunt – Rohm and Haas


2009-2010: Dawn Bonnell – University of Pennsylvania


2010-2011: Geraldine Richmond, University of Oregon


2013-14: Joanna Fowler, Brookhaven National Laboratory


2014-2015: Mary C. Boyce, Columbia University