Distinguished Alumni Award

The Penn Chemistry Distinguished Alumni Award was introduced as a way to honor those alumni who have made seminal contributions in the chemical sciences since their time at Penn and brought distinction to the Department and the University.




2010: P. Roy Vagelos, C’50

2011: Stanley B. Prusiner, C’64 M’68

2012: Ei-ichi Negishi, GR'63

2013: Barry Trost, C'62

2014: JoAnne Stubbe, C'68

2015: William A. Eaton, C'59 M'64 GR'67

2016: Madeleine M. Joullié, G’50 GR’53 HOM’68

2017: Judith Klinman, CW'62

2018: Ahmed Zewail, GR'74 Hon'97

2019: Michael Brown, C'62 M'66 Hon'86

2022: Martin Zanni, PD'02

2023: John Wood, GR'91