Axalta Distinguished Lecture



The Axalta Distinguished Lecture Series (formerly the DuPont-Marshall Laboratory Lecture Series) at the University of Pennsylvania is part of an ongoing program of cooperation and interaction between scientists and technical staff members of Axalta Performance Coatings and the Department of Chemistry of the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The DuPont-Marshall series ended with the closing of the Marshall Labs in 2008, but the series has been renewed with the creation of Axalta Performance Coatings in 2013.


Past speakers:


1987 Herbert C. Brown – Purdue University

1988 George M. Whitesides – Harvard University

1989 Donald J. Cram – UCLA

1990 Paul C.W. Chu – University of Houston

1991 Jean-Marie Lehn – Université Louis Pasteur

1992 R.E. Smalley – Rice University

1993 Elias J. Corey – Harvard University

1994 P.G. de Gennes – École de Physique et Chimie

1995 Roald Hoffmann – Cornell University

1996 Yuan T. Lee – UC Berkeley

1997 George A. Olah – University of Southern California

1998 John C. Polanyi – University of Toronto

1999 Thomas R. Cech – HHMI; University of Colorado

2000 Ahmed H. Zewail – California Institute of Technology

2001 Michele Parrinello – ETH Zurich

2002 Harry B. Gray – California Institute of Technology

2004 Peter G. Schultz – Scripps Research Institute

2005 Steven Chu – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories

2006 Jean Fréchet – University of California, Berkeley

2007 Harold W. Kroto – Florida State University

2008 William Moerner – Stanford University


2013 Robert Langer – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2014 Omar Yaghi – University of California, Berkeley

2015 Robert Grubbs – California Institute of Technology

2016 Daniel Nocera – Harvard University

2017 Craig Hawker  – University of California, Santa Barbara

2018 Charles Lieber – Harvard University

2019 Bert Meijer – Eindhoven University of Technology