Penn Chemistry: High Throughput Experimentation Center

HTE Center

The High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) Center is a research facility initially emerging from a collaboration between Merck and Co., Inc. and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, enabled by a National Science Foundation GOALI grant with subsequent support from the National Institutes of Health. The HTE technique has been used for many years as one of the most powerful tools available for reaction development, and we are pleased to be among the first and most comprehensive and efficient such centers outside the industrial environment. Our mission is to provide our researchers with interests in organic synthesis with a very powerful tool for rapid reaction optimization.  This includes expeditious discovery of new catalytic systems utilizing parallel microscale HTE, allowing reactions to be performed at 10 µmol or 2.5 µmol in 1 mL or 250 µL reactor vials (24 or 96 well plates, respectively). 


The High Throughput Experimentation Center leverages a continuously updated facility to provide rapid and meaningful solutions to both the University of Pennsylvania academic community as well as industrial clients.


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