Biological Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Kathy Liu

RNA enzymology in translation regulation
Mar 13, 2024 at - | Carolyn Hoff Lynch Lecture Hall

My laboratory is interested in understanding enzyme-mediated RNA processing in sex-specific gene regulation. It has been demonstrated recently that a diverse set of enzyme-mediated modifications are found internally within RNAs, which markedly influence the fate of RNAs in the cell. Many enzymes responsible for regulating protein and DNA modifications are targets of current therapies. RNA epitranscriptomics, the study of RNA modifications, is the new frontier in this arena. However, there are many fundamentally important questions, such as whether RNA modifications synergistically impact gene regulation, a new research area that my lab spearheaded in the RNA modification field. Furthermore, based on our observation of sex-specific RNA binding proteins, we have been investigating how sex and gender influence gene regulation at the RNA level with a focus on the sex chromosome-encoded homologs.

Inquiries: nguyeny@sas.upenn.edu

Location: Carolyn Hoff Lynch Lecture Hall