Biological Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Joanna McGouran

Dec 7, 2021 at - | Remote - On zoom
Meeting ID: 976 8245 9971
Inquiries: henka@sas.upenn.edu

Remote via zoom:

Meeting ID: 976 8245 9971


Dr. Joanna McGouran

Trinity College Dublin

"Proteins and DNA-new tools through chemical modification"


Activity based probes, which mimic an enzyme substrate or protein binding partner but contain a chemical trap, are powerful tools in biological research. 

The advantages of a “chemical proteomics” approach using activity-based probes over biochemical assays lie in the fact that they allow the selective study of enzymes in their native environment. Alterations with cell type and disease state, and have a huge impact on protein function and selectivity, an activity-based profiling approach will be sensitive to these factors while still maintaining a highly specific readout, affording the best of both worlds between biochemical and phenotypic assays.

Our group focusses on using Proteins and DNA as molecular scaffolds to create new probe types for deubiquitinating enzymes and DNA damage repair.