Physical Chemistry Seminar, Dr. Matthew Tucker (University of Nevada)

April 05, 2018 - 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Host: Gai
Carol Lynch Lecture Hall Chemistry Complex

 "Vibrational Probe Pairs for Uncovering Structure and Dynamics within Biomolecules"

Abstract: 2D IR spectroscopy has been utilized to directly observe of conformational dynamics of biological systems for both equilibrium and non-equilibrium pathways. Observing specific structural changes associated of active biomolecules provides insights into the molecular movements leading to their functionality. Well-positioned probe pairs provide structural information while simultaneously detecting the dynamics in the region where biological function takes place. A systematic study of a variety of 2D IR probes, including cyano- modes, ring modes, and azido- modes [2] will be discussed, focusing on the coupling between different pairings of these vibrational reporters as well as their sensitivity to frequency fluctuations resulting from the local environment changes. The associated mechanisms of coupling will be discussed for each coupled pair.


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