Inorganic Chemistry Seminar, Dr. Kuo-Wei Huang (King Adbullah University of Science & Technology)

Jan 16, 2018 at - | Carol Lynch Lecture Hall
Chemistry Complex

Title: A Novel Class of PN3-Pincer Complexes: Cooperative Catalysis and Beyond


Abstract : Pincer transition metal complexes have versatile reactivities to catalyze many organic
transformations and to activate strong chemical bonds. In particular, complexes with ligand
derived from tridentate pyridine-based framework exhibit interesting reactivities. We have
designed and prepared a series of transition metal catalysts based on a novel class of pincertype
PN3-ligands which are capable of interacting with the substrates during the reaction.
Rich reactivities have been observed with their catalytic activities being explored recently. In
very recent work, we have witnessed that the seemingly small change by replacing the CH2
spacer in the pyridine-based pincer complex with an NH group has dramatically influenced
the thermodynamic and kinetic properties, and in some cases the catalytic behaviors of the
corresponding metal complexes. It is conceivable that this new class of transition metal
pincer complexes will offer exciting opportunities for the development of novel catalytic
applications in the petrochemical and energy sectors.



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