Organic Chemistry Seminar Dr. Martin Schnermann( National Institutes of Health)

Sep 25, 2017 at - | Lynch Lecture Hall Chemistry Complex

Title: Remodeling the Cyanine Scaffold for New Applications in Imaging and Drug Delivery



Light provides a uniquely powerful stimulus to visualize and/or perturb biological systems. The use of tissue penetrant near-IR wavelengths enables in vivo applications, however developing molecules that function in this range remains a substantial challenge. Enabled by modern organic synthesis, we study and then use the chemistry of cyanine fluorophores to develop new long-wavelength optical tools. In the context of imaging, we prepare novel cyanines with improved properties for in vivo optical imaging and microscopy. Our efforts center on the development of new synthetic methods to enable the preparation of molecules with excellent stability and optical properties. In the context of drug delivery, we develop novel reactions that release or “uncage” small molecules following irradiation with near-IR light. We have developed an approach using readily synthesized C4'-dialkylamine-substituted heptamethine cyanines. This method is being applied for theranostic antibody-based drug delivery.


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