Single Cell Analysis Symposium

Mar 12, 2014 at - | SCTR Auditorium
Smilow Center for Translational Research
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Single Cell Analysis Symposium


Single cell analysis is an emergent area of research that offers powerful new approaches to understand how individual cells in the same tissue differ and how that variability affects biological function. Single cell analysis is revolutionizing our understanding of cells and their dynamics. Join us for a day of presentations on cutting edge research by leading investigators in single cell analysis.


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Confirmed Speakers:


Nancy Allbritton, MD, PhD

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering

University of North Carolina/North Carolina State University


Helen M. Blau, PhD

Department of Microbiology & Immunology and Stem Cell Institute

Stanford University


Chi Van Dang, MD, PhD

Abramson Cancer Center

University of Pennsylvania


Jim Eberwine, PhD

Pharmacology and Penn Genome Frontiers Institute

University of Pennsylvania


Junhyong Kim, PhD

Biology and Penn Genome Frontiers Institute

University of Pennsylvania


Chris B. Murray, PhD

Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering

University of Pennsylvania


Garry P. Nolan, PhD

Microbiology & Immunology

Stanford University


Arjun Raj, PhD


University of Pennsylvania


Sherman M. Weissman, MD


Yale University


Questions can be direct to events@genomics.upenn.edu


Organized by the Penn Genome Frontiers Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sponsored by: Life Technologies, Takara-Clontech, IBM, NanoString Technologies, and Illumina