Marisa C. Kozlowski

Dr. Kozlowski

Professor of Chemistry

(215) 898-3048

4002 IAST, Lab: 4010, 4070 IAST


Organic and Catalysis Chemistry


-A.B. Cornell University 1989

-Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley 1994

-NSF Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard University (1995-1997)

Research Interests

 The central theme of research in my laboratory is the rational design of new methods and catalysts for use in organic synthesis. As well as using high throughput screening, we employ several novel computational tools for the discovery and optimization of new reagents and catalysts. In addition, we study mechanism in order to improve reaction processes and increase our understanding of fundamental reaction steps. The new synthetic methods developed are deployed as key steps in our total synthesis strategies to a variety of important pharmaceutical agents and natural products.  For more information, see our group website using the link above.

Courses Taught

Chem 241 Organic Chemistry 1

Chem 245 Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Chem 541 Physical Organic Chemistry

Chem 443 Organic Reaction Methods

Chem 441 Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry