Amos B. Smith III
Rhodes-Thompson Professor of Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


Smith's research interests encompass three diverse areas: natural product synthesis, bioorganic chemistry and materials science. To date, more than 90 architecturally complex natural products having significant bioregulatory properties have been prepared in his Laboratory. In addition, Smith, in collaboration with Ralph Hirschmann, has achieved the design and synthesis of non-peptide peptidomimetics of neuropeptideic hormone/transmitters and protease enzyme inhibitors and, also with Stephen Benkovic (Penn State), haptens for the production of catalytic antibodies capable of peptide bond formation. At Monell, in collaboration with Peter Jurs (Penn State), he pioneered the use of computerized pattern recognition techniques for the analysis of primate chemical communication. Collaborative programs at the LRSM include the chemistry and physics of novel liquid crystals and the fullerenes. To date Smith research achievements have been reported in more than 500 peer reviewed publications.


  • B.S.- M.S. Bucknell University (1966)
  • Ph.D. Rockefeller University (1972)
  • Associate, Rockefeller University (1972-73)

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