Biological Chemistry seminar: Alan Saghetalian, Salk Institute

March 14, 2019 - 03:00 PM

"Exploring the Human smORFeome"

Determining the number and understanding the function of protein-coding genes in the human genome is one of the most important challenges in biology. Using a combination of cutting-edge proteomics and genomics tools we have found thousands of new protein-coding genes in the human genome. These protein-coding genes were initially missed because they encode proteins of less than a hundred amino acids (microproteins), revealing a blind spot in gene finding algorithms for small ORFs (smORFs). The functional characterization of several smORFs has led to the discovery of new pathways that regulate diverse cellular processes such as DNA repair and mitochondrial function. These results highlight the existence of a large new class of understudied protein-coding genes that should contain many additional bioactive microproteins.

Carolyn Hoff Lynch Room

Host:  Dr. Megan Matthews

Department of Chemistry

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