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Title: Remodeling the Cyanine Scaffold for New Applications in Imaging and Drug Delivery




Title Synthetic single-site iron nitrogenases


Title: Computationally predicting transition-metal compound materials for catalysis



Jennifer Matsui, a fourth-year student in Prof. Gary Molander's research group has been selected...

Megan Matthews has officially joined the Department as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry....

Associate Professor Eric Schelter has been selected as the academic recipient of the U.S....

The Department of Chemistry is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Professor David Chandler...

Research Highlight

Andrew Rappe
A new paper in the journal Nature by Chemistry Professor Andrew Rappe and his group is shedding light on the use of smart materials in ultrasound technology. The Rappe group is studying the piezoelectric properties of these materials to identify how they interact with energy. Read the full coverage by Ali Sundermeier here.



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