General Chemistry Lab Waivers

Students who pass the Penn Chemistry Placement exam(s) AND who have a Chemistry AP exam score of 5 (or an IB score of 6 or 7) may apply for a waiver for the general chemistry laboratories.  Please note you are only eligible to apply for a waiver for the lab which corresponds to the placement exam you pass, e.g., Chem 053 for Chem 101 and Chem 054 for Chem 102.


How to apply for a waiver:


For labs to be considered for review, you will need to submit the following information from your AP or IB chemistry lab class:


  • lab reports (showing student name and grade earned)
  • lab notebook
  • lab syllabus / list of experiments performed in YOUR high school AP / IB class [do NOT submit the generic list of labs “recommended” by the College Board]



Submit as many of your own graded lab reports and/or notebooks as possible. A syllabus listing all labs required for YOUR AP class is very helpful, but does not remove the need to submit a representative sample of your own work in lab so the level and quality of the experiments can be assessed.


Note: use of a high school “precedent database” for chemistry lab waivers has been discontinued; ALL students are now required to submit these materials, regardless of whether their high school had been evaluated at some point in the past.


You will be contacted via e-mail after your waiver request has been reviewed.




Download the waiver application [.pdf, 63K]


For more information:


Candice Adams

Chemistry Undergraduate Coordinator
Room B12 Chem Bldg., 215-898-8311

Department of Chemistry

231 S. 34 Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323

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