Penn Chemistry: NMR Facility

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The NMR Facility consists of ten Bruker spectrometers ranging in field strength from 7 to 14.1 telsa (300-600Mhz). We have six 500Mhz spectrometers configured for a wide range of nuclei with consoles varying from DRX, AVII to AVIII and from two to four channels. Special probes include HrMAS, Cold (cryogenic) 5mm DCH probe for high sensitivity carbon observes, and a variety of direct and inverse detection two and three channel probes. Lower field spectrometer consist of DMX 300 and 360 and an AVIII 400 all of which are two channels. Probes for this lower field machine are either QNP (four nuclei) or auto tuning BBFO 5mm .The highest field instrument is a DRX600 3 channel console configured with either a 5mmTXI or 3mm TXI probe.


The NMR Facility is staffed by  Dr. Jun Gu (Director, NMR Facility).

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