Michael Fryd
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry


Organic and Polymer Chemistry


Synthetic methods, with special emphasis on living or controlled polymerization, are used to design polymers with unique architectures such as telechelic polymers, stars, and block or graft copolymers. We study the self assembly of these polymers both in solution and the solid state, and use them in the synthesis of organic and inorganic nanoparticles, and in a variety of material applications such as membranes, sensors, microelectronic devices, and drug delivery systems.

Selected Publications


Peng, C.-H.; Fryd, M.; Wayland, B. B. "Organocobalt Mediated Radical Polymerization of Acrylic Acid in Water" Macromolecules ACS ASAP 


Xu, C.; Fu, X.; Fryd, M.; Xu, S.; Wayland, B. B.; Winey, K. I.; Composto, R. J. "Reversible Stimuli-Responsive Nanostructures Assembled from Amphiphilic Block Copolymers" Nano Letters 6, 282-287 (2006).


Xu, C.; Wayland, B. B.; Fryd, M.; Winey, K. I.; Composto, R. J. "pH-Responsive Nanostructures Assembled from Amphiphilic Block Copolymers" Macromolecules 39, 6063-6070 (2006).


Wayland, B. B.; Peng, C.-H.; Fu, X.; Lu, Z.; Fryd, M. "Degenerative Transfer and Reversible Termination Mechanisms for Living Radical Polymerizations Mediated by Cobalt Porphyrins" Macromolecules 39, 8219-8222 (2006).


Fryd, M.; Grushin, V.; Herron, N.; Periyasamy, M.; Petrov, V. A.; Radu, N. S. "Polymers having attached luminescent metal complexes and devices made with such polymers" US Patent 7,060,372, 2006.


Fryd, M.; Periyasamy, M.; Schadt, F. L., III "Polymers for photoresist compositions for microlithography" WO Patent 6,951,705, 2005.


Lu, Z.; Fryd, M.; Wayland, B. B. "New Life for Living Radical Polymerization Mediated by Cobalt(II) Metalloradicals" Macromolecules 37, 2686-2687 (2004).


Fryd, M.; Schadt, F. L., III; Periyasamy, M. "Nitrile/Fluoroalcohol-containing Photoresists and Associated Processes for Microlithography" US Patent 6, 503, 686, 2003.


Berge, C. T.; Fryd, M.; Johnson, J. W.; Moad, G.; Rizzardo, E.; Scopazzi, C.; Thang, S. H. "Process for Preparing Star Shaped Microgels from Macromonomers with Terminal Ethylenic Unsaturation" US Patent 6, 653, 407, 2003.


Ma, S.-H.; Fryd, M. "Process for Making Printed Images Using Pigmented Ink Jet Compositions" US Patent 6, 117, 921, 2000

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