Donald D. Fitts

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

(215) 898-8628

Senior Faculty Suite

Physical Chemistry

  • A.B. Harvard University (1954)
  • Ph.D. Yale University (1957)
  • N.S.F. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Amsterdam (1957-58)
  • NATO Senior Science Fellow, Imperial College, University of London (1971)
  • Academic Visitor, Oxford University (1978)
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences (1978-82, 83-94)
  • Acting Dean, School of Arts and Sciences (1982-83)
  • Visiting Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, U.K. (1996)
Research Interests

From a knowledge of the interactions among molecules, it is possible in principle to predict the structure and the thermodynamic properties of materials as well as the dynamics of molecular processes. The overall objective of our research program is twofold: to evaluate the potential energies of intermolecular interactions for various systems as accurately as possible and to study by means of statistical mechanics the influence of these potentials of intermolecular force on the structure and properties of macroscopic systems.