Candice Adams
Undergraduate Coordinator
Anna Boffice
Administrative Assistant
Janice Brochetti
Grants Manager
Jonathan Burke
Building Services Assistant
Carol Carr
Managing Editor, Organic Letters
Patrick Carroll
Director, X-Ray Crystallography Facility
Alice Chen
Administrative Assistant
Bruce Dolliver
Tech. Mechanical (part time)
Bruno Fiorenza
Manager of Finance and Administration
Kersten Forsthoefel
Executive Director
Heather Fulford
Administrative Assistant
Colleen Giammarco
Fisher On-Site Rep.
Nadine Gruhn
Managing Director, VIEST
Jun Gu
Director, NMR Facility
Robert Harris
Library Services Assistant
Carol Hartranft
Administrative Assistant
Kristen Hughes
Managing Director, VIPER Program
Christopher Jeffrey
Associate Director
Yvonne Kline
Administrative Assistant
Karen Knoepp-Carraro
Scientific Glassblower
Andrei Korchynsky
Material Control
Ryan Kubanoff
Research Coordinator
Ana-Rita Mayol
Associate Director, Masters of Chemical Sciences Program
Madison Mikhail
Visa Coordinator
Kristen Muscat
Graduate Coordinator
Cuong Nguyen
Supervisor, Material Control
Susan Phillips
Physical Chemistry Coordinator
Anthony Pietrovito
Coordinator, General Chemistry
Eugénie Romero
Director, HTE Facility
Chemical Catalysis, Organic
Charles Ross III
Director - Automated Synthesis and Characterization
Jennifer Rutherford
Organic Chemistry Lecturer
Chemical Catalysis, Organic
Katy Schaeffer
Library Services Assistant
Leslie Shinn
Coordinator, Undergraduate Biochemistry Program
Lautrelle Smith-Gary
Administrative Assistant
Larissa Steinhagen Tóth
Coordinating Editor, Organic Letters
Rosa M. Vargas
Seminar Coordinator
Robert Wertz
Grants Administrative Coordinator

Department of Chemistry

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