Penn Chemistry Coronavirus Response

Effective 5:00pm on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Penn Chemistry is officially shut down. Please ensure that everything in your lab is shut down — turn your instrumentation off, unplug your hot plates and bench equipment, ensure that there are back up gas tanks for gloveboxes in the event of loss of nitrogen, etc.

No one will be allowed access to the building except for designated key lab personnel, and they will be permitted access only for urgent safety or maintenance functions. Strict social distancing must be observed by anyone who enters the complex: keep a 2-m radius around yourself at all times. Security personnel will be performing random sweeps of the building. Please secure all of your belongings before you leave. If you have anything of value, please take these items home with you. 

There are mission continuity plans in place for support of the instrumentation centers. These centers (NMR, MS, HTE, X-ray, BCRC) are closed through 3/31/2020 or until further advisement has been provided.  

The stockroom will be closed effective Tuesday 3/17/2020. Do not order any additional items until the department reopens.  

Departmental leadership will remain connected by email as always.