Inorganic Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Susan K. Hanson

Title: The fission fingerprint of ruthenium isotopes
Jan 18, 2022 at - | Virtual

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Rosa M. Vargas

Susan K. Hanson 

Los Alamos National Laboratory 

-Measurements of radionuclides in the environment have an important application in nuclear treaty monitoring, where they serve as indicators of anthropogenic nuclear activities. In Fall 2017, the isotope 106Ru was detected at multiple locations across Europe.1 The isotope is known to be released in certain types of nuclear accidents, and previous work suggested that measurement of 106Ru and related isotopic signatures could provide information about the nuclear reactor type responsible for the release.2 This work investigates the production signatures that can be measured through gamma-ray spectrometry and mass spectrometry analysis of a 106Ru single isotope radioactivity standard. We demonstrate that for this controlled laboratory standard, details of the irradiation and processing history and the material age can be extracted through isotopic measurements. The results have important implications for environmental monitoring, suggesting that where 106Ru is detected, radioanalytical measurements could be a powerful tool for understanding sample origin and age.