6th Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium (PIC-6)

Apr 7, 2018 at - | Lynch Lecture Hall

The 6th Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium (PIC-6) will be held at Penn Chemistry this Saturday, April 7, 2018. We would like to encourage members from the Penn Chemistry community to attend. PIC-6 will be free for attendees and the poster session will be open to all local researchers.


Late registration is welcome.


Schedule of Events


10:00-11:00 Michael J. Zdilla, Temple University “Toward Breaching the CHNO Ceiling in Energetic Materials”


11:00-12:00 Robert A. Flowers, Lehigh University "Unraveling the Mechanism of Substrate Reduction by Sm(II)-proton donor Complexes and Development of Catalytic Reactions of Sm(II) Reagents"


12:00-2:30 Lunch and poster session


2:30-3:30 Adelina M. Voutchkova-Kostal, George Washington University "Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of CO2 and glycerol with single-site catalysts on tunable supports"


3:30-4:30 Alan S. Goldman, Rutgers University "Catalysis by Pincer-Iridium Complexes. Breaking C-H Bonds, Making C-C Bonds, and Various Combinations Thereof"


Site Information


Registration will be held from 9:00-10:00 in the lobby of the Chem ’73 building.


Oral presentations will be held in the Lynch room, first floor, Chemistry Building.


Poster Presentations will be held in the Department of Chemistry’s Chem ’73 building, first floor lobby. Poster boards, measuring 4′ wide by 3′ tall, will be provided on site.