Biological Chemistry Seminar (Leonid Mirny, MIT)

Apr 27, 2017 at - | Lynch Lecture Hall

Title: "Genome in 3D: models of chromosome folding"


Abstract: How can proteins that are much smaller than chromosomes drive chromosome compaction, segregation or control functional enhancer-promoter interactions at much larger scales? We develop a top-down approach to biophysical modeling of chromosomes: Starting with a minimal set of biologically motivated interactions and processes we build dynamic polymer models of chromosome organization that can reproduce major features observed in microscopy and Hi-C experiments. Our works suggest that an active (motor-driven) process of loop extrusion can be a universal mechanism responsible for formation of domains in interphase, and chromosome compaction and segregation in metaphase. I will present recent single-cell and population Hi-C studies that provide strong support to loop extrusion mechanism.