Organic Chemistry Seminar (Andy Peat, GlaxoSmithKline)

Feb 8, 2016 at - | Lynch Lecture Hall Chemistry Complex

Inquires please contact Camille Pride at campride@sas.upenn.edu


Title: Successes and Setbacks in Drug Discovery:  Med Chem Lessons Learned from HCV                                                                           


Hepatitis C virus was discovered in the late 1980’s and is the leading cause of liver transplantation worldwide.  An estimated 170 million people are infected which has prompted intense research efforts in the past 3 decades to identify effective treatment options.  This seminar will focus on two programs conducted at GSK aimed at developing direct acting antivirals (DAAs) against HCV.  The main intent is to highlight some of the challenges that arose during lead optimization process, the role chemistry played in offering potential solutions, and opinions on some of the gaps in our abilities and lessons learned.  The unique properties of a boron-containing drug in Phase 2 clinical development will also be discussed.