Special Seminar: Kevin Kubarych, U. Michigan

Jul 23, 2013 at | Lynch Lecture Hall

Dynamical chemistry captured with ultrafast two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy


Abstract: Combining a unified spectroscopic toolset with a modular chemical approach, we have leveraged the strong IR response of transition metal complexes—both in situ and as probes—to reveal complex dynamics in a wide range of condensed phase systems. Following an introduction to our approaches and strategies, this talk will highlight our efforts to study fundamental aspects of complex dynamics in heterogeneous solutions, including proteins, membranes, and in gels. Specifically, we have performed the first ultrafast dynamics measurements of the complicated fluid mixtures involved in hydraulic fracturing liquids. Moving beyond equilibrium phenomena, this talk will highlight our recent progress in bringing the full power of 2D-IR spectroscopy to excited electronic states, which are the key players in photocatalysis. Here, I will present a combined spectroscopic and chemical approach to understanding the coupled electronic-nuclear-solvent interactions driving both the ground and excited state dynamics of rhenium(I) photocatalysts capable of carbon dioxide reduction.