Edgar Fahs Smith Lecture


The Edgar Fahs Smith Lecture was established in 1929 to honor the first modern chemist at the University of Pennsylvania, who was a former Provost of the University and President of the American Chemical Society. This lectureship is the oldest lectureship in the country under the joint sponsorship of a university and a section of the ACS.


Past speakers:

1929 Clarence W. Balke, Fansteel Products, Inc.

1930 Charles A.Kraus, Brown

1931 N.V. Sidgwick, Lincoln College, UK

1932 Louis Kahlenberg, Wisconsin

1933 James B. Conant, Harvard

1934 Hugh S. Taylor, Princeton

1935 Colin G. Fink, Columbia

1936 Julius O. Stieglitz, Chicago

1937 Charles H. Herty, Ind Cmtee of Savannah

1938 Roger Adams, Illinois

1939 George B. Kistiatowski, Harvard

1940 Per K. Frolich, Esso Laboratories

1941 Arthur A,. Blanchard, MIT

1942 Harold C. Urey, Columbia

1943 No award given

1944 No award given

1945 No award given

1946 Theodor Svedburg, Upsala

1947 Wendell M. Stanley, Rockefeller Institute

1948 Carl S. Marvel, Illinois

1949 Linus D. Pauling, CalTech

1950 Edward C. Kendall, Mayo Foundation

1951 Herman I. Schlesinger, Chicago

1952 Paul D. Bartlett, Harvard

1953 Joel H. Hildebrand, California, Berkeley

1954 Henry Eyring, Utah

1955 Melvin Calvin, California, Berkeley

1956 Paul M. Doty, Harvard

1957 Peter J.W, Debye, Cornell

1958 Vincent du Vigneaud, Cornell Medical College

1959 Robert B. Woodward, Harvard

1960 Glenn T. Seaborg, California, Berkeley

1961 Paul J. Flory, Mellon Institute

1962 Herbert C. Brown, Purdue

1963 Henry Taube, Stanford

1964 John T. Edsall, Harvard

1965 I.M. Kolthoff, Minnesota

1966 Carl Djerassi, Stanford

1967 Francis T. Bacon, Energy Conservation Ltd

1968 Cyrus Levinthal, MIT

1969 Elias J. Corey, Harvard

1970 John D. Roberts, CalTech

1971 Lawrence F. Dahl, Wisconsin

1972 No award given

1973 No award given

1974 Gerald M. Edelman, Rockefeller University

1975 Nelson J. Leonard , Illinois

1976 F.A. Cotton, Texas A&M

1977 Jerrold Meinwald, Cornell

1978 George C. Pimentel, NSF; California, Berkeley

1979 Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., California, Berkeley

1980 F.S. Rowland, California, Irvine

1981 Earl Muetterties, California, Berkeley

1982 Gilbert Stork, Columbia

1983 Sir George Porter, The Royal Inst, England

1984 Harry B. Gray, CalTech

1985 Christopher Walsh, MIT

1986 Nicholas J. Turro , Columbia

1987 Richard N. Zare, Stanford

1988 Samuel Danishefsky, Yale

1989 Daniel H. Rich, Wisconsin, Madison

1990 Robert G. Bergman, California, Berkeley

1991 Rudolf A. Marcus, CalTech

1992 Peter G. Schultz, California, Berkeley

1993 JoAnne Stubbe, MIT

1994 Tobin J. Marks, Northwestern

1995 Stephen J. Lippard, MIT

1996 Richard R. Ernst, ETH, Zürich

1997 Martin Karplus, Harvard

1998 Robert H. Grubbs, CalTech

1999 Gabor A. Samorjai, California, Berkeley

2000 K. Barry Sharpless, Scripps Research Inst.

2001 K. C. Nicolaou, Scripps Research Inst.

2002 Graham Fleming, California, Berkeley

2003 Alexander Pines, California, Berkeley

2004 Carlos Bustamante, California, Berkeley

2005 Peter G. Wolynes, California, San Diego

2006 Robert G. Bergman, California, Berkeley

2007 David Tirrell, CalTech

2008 Chad A. Mirkin, Northwestern

2009 A. Paul Alivisatos California, Berkeley

2010 Ronald Breslow Columbia

2011 Ada Yonath Weizmann Institute

2012 William Miller California, Berkeley

2013 Josef Michl, Colorado

2014 Carolyn Bertozzi, California, Berkeley

2015 Ben Widom, Cornell

2016 George C. Schatz, Northwestern

2017 Peter Rossky, Rice University

2018 John Hartwig, California, Berkeley


Information on the ACS Philadelphia Section can be found here.