PennChemistry: X-Ray Diffraction Facility

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The small molecule facility consists of a new NSF-CRIF funded Bruker APEX2-DUO CCD X-ray Diffractometer which has a current generation CCD detector with excellent sensitivity, capable of collecting data on very small and weakly-diffracting samples. It also has dual wavelength sources (Copper and Molybdenum) which are software switchable; thus consecutive two wavelength data sets can be collected without operator intervention. Copper radiation is employed for the weakest samples and for the determination of absolute stereochemistry when the heaviest atom is oxygen (this, especially, is a new capability in the X-ray Facility). The goniometer is of Kappa geometry which enables a very efficient (i.e., faster) data collection.


The X-ray Facility is staffed by Dr. Patrick Carroll (Director) and Dr. Brian Manor (Staff Crystallographer).

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