Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Dr. Claudia Turro ( Ohio State University)

March 06, 2018 - 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Lynch Lecture Hall Chemistry Complex
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Title Dual Action Complexes that Target Cancer: Drug Photorelease and Singlet Oxygen Production




Light activation of a drug represents an important as mode of cancer therapy, in some cases superior to traditional treatments, due to its low levels of invasiveness and systemic toxicity. Inorganic complexes that undergo photoinduced ligand exchange will be presented, which have been used to release caged drugs and enzyme inhibitors with spatiotemporal control. In addition, some complexes were designed to also sensitize the production of 1O2. These complexes represent important systems whose reactivity can be initiated by light with potential applications in photochemotherapy (PCT). Various Ru(II) complexes will be presented, along with their activity towards biological targets and cancer cells. Importantly, Ru(II) complexes were recently discovered to undergo multiple photochemical pathways following activation with light, and this property was used to design new dual-action compounds. These new complexes are able to both release a medically relevant compound and to produce 1O2 and were shown to exhibit significant enhancement of activity stemming from their ability to induce cell death via two different, independent pathways. Complexes able to deliver pyridine as a model compound representing a caged drug will be discussed, along with observed excited state dynamics. New strategies developed for the photoinduced exchange of pyridine-containing drugs and their attachment to tumor-targeting antibodies will also be presented. Rh2(II,II) complexes that are able to produce 1O2 upon irradiation with visible light and are non-toxic in the dark represent a new class of agents for potential photodynamic therapy. The complexes presented provide a new platform for drug delivery and enhanced therapeutic activity upon excitation with low energy light. Inquiries please contact Rosa M. Vargas

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