Madeleine M. Joullié Lecture

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This lectureship was established in 1993 by Wyeth Research to strengthen their relationship with the University of Pennsylvania. In 2007, the name of the lecture series was changed to honor Professor Madeleine Joullie.


Past Speakers:


1993 Harry B. Gray, California Institute of Technology
1994 Steven V. Ley, University of Cambridge
1995 William R. Roush, Indiana University
1996 Daniel H. Rich, University of Wisconsin Madison
1997 Barry M. Trost, Stanford University
1998 Christopher Walsh, Harvard Medical School
1999 Albert Eschenmoser, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH)
2000 Dale Boger, The Scripps Research Institute
2001 Peter J. Stang, University of Utah
2002 Stephen L. Buchwald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2003 Paul A. Wender, Stanford University
2004 Fraser Stoddart, University of California at Los Angeles
2005 Chi-Huey Wong, The Scripps Research Institute
2006 Carolyn Bertozzi, University of California, Berkeley
2007 Eiichi Nakamura, University of Tokyo
2008 Julius Rebek, Jr., The Scripps Research Institute
2009 Stuart L. Schreiber, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2010 Mohammad Movassaghi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2011 Timothy M. Swagger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2012 Barbara Imperiali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2013 Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburgh

2014 William Fenical, University of California, San Diego

2015 David Sherman, University of Michigan

2016 Frances Arnold, California Institute of Technology

2017 Christina Smolke, Stanford University

2018 Dale Boger, Scripps Research Institute

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