Awards & Fellowship Opportunities

 Penn Chemistry Award & Fellowship Winners


Miller Award

Established in memory of Professor John G. Miller, the award is given by the Chemistry Graduate Group for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in a given academic year.

2018-Minyan Li (Walsh Group)

2017- John Tellis (Molander Group)

2016- Haolin Yin (Schelter Group)

2015- Shi Liu (Rappe Group)

2014- Jacob Goldberg (Petersson Group)

2013- Xingchen Ye (Murray Group)

2012- Matthias Waegele (Gai Group)


SAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship

The Dissertation Completion Fellowship is intended for students who will complete the dissertation during the fellowship year and is awarded based on academic excellence, as evaluated by members of the SAS Committee on Graduate Education.


2017- Wenjie Dou (Subotnik Group)

2016- David Primer (Molander Group) & Qi Ou (Subotnik Group)

2015- Stephanie Barros (Chenoweth Group) & Haolin Yin (Schelter Group)

2014- Rebecca Wissner (Petersson Group)


SAS Dean's Scholars

This honor is presented annually to School of Arts and Sciences students who exhibit exceptional academic performance and intellectual promise.


2018- Sarah Wolf (Fakhraai Group)

2017- Lauren Grant (Mindiola Group)

2016- John Tellis (Molander Group)

2014- Jerome Robinson (Schelter & Walsh Groups)

2013- Jacob Goldberg (Petersson Group)

National Science Foundation- Graduate Research Fellowship Program Winners

2018- Jordan Compton (Molander Group) & Mark Campbell (Molander Group)

2017- Katherine Elbert (Murray Group) & Philip Gilmartin (Kozlowski Group)

2016- Lauren Grant (Mindiola Group), Grace Panetti (Schelter & Walsh Groups), Rebecca Wiles (Molander Group)

2015- Bren Cole (Schelter Group), Nicole Bellonzi (Subotnik Group)

2014- John Ferrie (Petersson Group), Roy Malamakal (Chenoweth Group), and Rachel Roesch & Mary Rose Mintzer (Gai Group)



 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad by the Chinese Scholarship Council

2017- Yanfei Wang (Dmochowski Group)

2016- Haolin Yin (Schelter Group)



External Fellowship Opportunities


First and Second Year Students

National Science Foundation

Hertz Foundation

National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship

Ford Foundation


National Institutes of Health

NIH Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award

NOBCChE Awards


Second Year Students and Higher

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (DOD)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Third and Fourth Year Students

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Fellowship

Department of Chemistry

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